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I want my MINTY!

We are currently having the first MINTY presale stage!
An extra limited amount of tokens will be offered in this first stage, the first contributors will enjoy a 64% OFF only available in this stage, paying around $0.09 each token.
At the moment of DEX listing, we will list MINTY in PCS at $0.25 each!
Early contributors will receive extra benefits and exclusive airdrops both in funding stages and later within the MINTY NFTs Marketplace in form of exclusive gifts and fees sharing.

IMPORTANT! About 2 weeks after the public listing we will have the first ❄Frost Burn❄, burning 25% of the initial supply and a couple weeks later we will burn another 25%. (More info about our Frost Burn here.) You choose if you take advantage of the super cheap early price + the “halvening” or if you’ll miss it out.

This is how you can get your Minty tokens ($MINTY) in the FIRST presale stage
  1. Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications
  2. Purchase Binance Coin (BNB) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  3. Just click on Buy MINTY button below. This will show you our Smart Contract address.
  4. With you MetaMask or Trust Wallet send the amount of BNB you want to invest on MINTY to the presale Smart Contract address, just as any regular transaction.
  5. Our fantastic crowdsale smart contract will automatically secure your MINTY tokens, until this presale stage finishes and then you can withdraw your tokens!
  6. Hold your MINTY tokens and watch the price go up!

Our awesome Smart Contract takes care of the sales.



You can also copy the address directly from BSC Scan! 
Our smart contract is fully verified. Check it here: