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is ART. is MUSIC. is NFTS. is CRYPTO.

Take back your creative rights.
Create and sell NFTs.

Setting Artists Free

Take back control of your creative rights. Sell your music , and merchandise in the form of an NFT (non-fungible token) and receive royalties every time your music is resold.

Keep Track of Your Sales

Secure your art and digital assets to the Binance Smart Chain for security, traceability, and monetization.

Access Creative Tools

As a $MINTY holder you get exclusive access to our creative tools, free advertising of your art and VIP positioning.


The idea of MINTY was born

First we thought of MINTY as a way to give back art rights and profit to their rightful owners, the artists.
Help artists monetize their work and recover their intellectual property without giving up profitability.
Empower artists against big media, data and content corporations.

2021 Q1
The platform and project environment was designed.
  • Designed the platform features and mechanics.
  • Teamed up with crypto industry advisors.
  • Started meeting with musicians and bands.
  • Onboard our CTO.
  • Team grew to 3 people.
  • Contacted devs for future development.
2021 April
Branding and marketing development
  • Secured domain as well as many other top SEO assets.
  • Came up with the MINTY brand.
  • Designed MINTY’s look and feel along with marketing advisors and social media experts.
2021 May
Token and Smart Contract development
  • Researched and chose Binance Smart Chain for our token’s technology.
  • Designed and audited the $MINTY token smart contract with help of our advisors.
  • Tested $MINTY smart contract behavior and deployed it on BSC Mainnet.
  • Designed $MINTY tokenomics and ecosystem; funding rounds, listing and burning stages.
2021 Jun
Online presence, social, community and rewards.
  • Designed and developed MINTY website.
  • Built presence in all relevant social media platforms.
  • Designed airdrop events, referral system and $MINTY holders rewards.
  • Onboard graphic designer CM and dev roles.
  • Team grew to 5 people.
  • Teamed up with the first YouTube influencers.
2021 Q3 Ongoing
Token sales, project funding and development
  • Seed funding and private sales in two stages.
  • New big music artists working with MINTY.
  • Team grows to 10 people.
  • Public sale and IDO.
  • List $MINTY on Pancake Swap.
  • Release of MINTY web platform v1
  • Team up with more influencers.
  • Grow to a massive online presence.
2021 Q4
Steady growth, media expansion, app launch
  • Expansion to Chinese market.
  • Team grows to 20 people.
  • Weekly streaming events.
  • Mainstream media coverage in many markets.
  • Hundreds of music artists from all over the world work with MINTY.
  • iOS and Android app launch.
  • You can rent and stake your NFTs now.
Further expansion and development
  • Cross-chain integrations with ethereum and more.
  • VIP platform benefits and rewards for $MINTY holders.
  • Governance system launch.
  • Further product and ecosystem development.
  • Increase media and marketing investment.
  • Onboard business expansion advisors from each key market.

Monetize your art

Let your fans buy art and content directly from you.

Create Art into NFT

Generate a NFT From Any JPG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG Into a Digital Asset

Convert Video to NFT

Auto Uploading Videos from Your Website or Computer into NFTs

Make NFT Marketplace

Monetize Your Site by letting visitors, Buy, Sell, and Create NFTs from Your Site

Compose Music to NFT

Generate Any Song into NFT to Sell As Rare Collectable

Generate Docs to NFT

Create Any Doc, PDF, or MS Word into NFT For Security and Proofing

Bulk List NFTs

Auto List NFTs On Our Partner Sites:,, &

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Our Team

Mohamed Ghounem
Mohamed is a US veteran with a BA in marketing. He's very passionate for the concept and development of global assets and the process of making them grow worldwide. Mr. Ghounem has published 30 books and more than 50 websites.


Profile Picture of CEO Michael Lambert
Mike is interested in designing, developing and implementing new trading and financial archetypes that tear down old preestablished paradigms. He had worked for Microsoft and have many years of experience in in Business Finance and Real Estate.

Mike Lambert

Pablo is an experienced developer/musician/cook. He strongly believes in an (almost)zero authority society with a technology-focused interactions approach. Pablo had worked for years both in financial and music industries as a developer and marketing expert.

Pablo Allocco


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